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At Koala Rank, achieving quarterly results that can be clearly reported is key to building a strong relationship with you. We aim to have personalized goals catered to your needs so that we can produce results and exceed expectations.

The Koala Rank guarantee is a results-driven system that allows you to get the most out of our content marketing services, even in case we underperform. We are confident about our process, but some niches are harder to rank for, and they might take more time or effort than others. 

We are aware that content marketing is a long-term investment, and this comes with the ordeal of choosing a trusted partner. We want to be that partner, and we commit to achieving results for your brand by setting a few quarterly rules that will pave the way for business growth.

These rules are discussed in full in the sections below.

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, including how the guarantee works and what it entails. If you’re a customer, you will be notified about changes made to the guarantee and how they affect you 31 days prior to publishing.

Please note that the Koala Rank guarantee is not a form of monetary refund policy. Once you’ve purchased a Koala Rank plan, you are committing to working with us on your content marketing strategy for as long as the subscription remains active on your account.


In order to qualify for the Koala Rank guarantee, there is only one requirement: you need to commit on a quarterly basis. While we offer a monthly billing option for increased flexibility, this requires a minimum commitment of at least three months of work.

One month is simply not enough to see the results of a fully-fledged marketing campaign. We take all the measures necessary to expedite this process and the rules might change over time.

How the guarantee works

There are four key areas to the Koala Rank guarantee that you need to consider, all of which are crucial to the success of your content marketing strategy:

  1. Setting quarterly SMART goals
  2. Creating and distributing your content
  3. Monitoring performance
  4. Reporting on a monthly basis

The fundamental component of the guarantee is the SMART goal: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely. The terms of the guarantee revolve around whether the goal is met or not after a period of 90 days, starting with the publishing of the first piece of content.

At Koala Rank, we have two types of SMART goals:

  1. The base goal
  2. The stretch goal

Each quarter, we set both goals keeping all five SMART points in mind. The base goal is the minimum we want to reach, while the stretch goal is an ambitious growth scenario. We aim to sit in between the two or above the stretch goal, but never below the base goal.

At 30 days intervals, we review the performance of your content through Google Search Console analytics. In case the trajectory is positive, we take the necessary measures to make sure that growth is maximized. In case it doesn’t match expectations, we course-correct.

Helping you grow an engaged audience for your B2B firm is our mission. 

If we don’t reach our base goal by day 90 (a full quarter) of each cycle, you get one month (30-31 days) of service for free in the form of a voucher that you can apply to your next purchase with us (either monthly or quarterly). Please note that terms and conditions apply. 

Based on your quarterly performance, we reserve the right to offer special promotions or discounts personalized to your needs. These might include the exchange of the guarantee for a different scope of work (you have the right to refuse and proceed with the free month).

Terms and conditions

There are a few terms and conditions that apply to the one-month free service voucher and how many times, or when it can be claimed. Please review the following list:

  1. The Koala Rank guarantee can only be claimed if the base goal wasn’t met exactly 90 days after the first piece of content was published. It cannot be claimed otherwise.
  2. The 90-day time period starts exactly when the first piece of content is published. For example, if we set the quarterly goals on a Tuesday, but we’re not publishing the first piece of content based on these goals until next week’s Wednesday, that Wednesday is the day when the 90-day time period officially starts.
  3. The SMART system is based on educated assumptions depending on your niche, domain authority, domain age, and other metrics. For the sake of legitimacy, we won’t dynamically adjust the goals in case we realize they are not attainable or realistic enough as we progress with your campaign. However, if we consider a niche to be particularly hard to rank for, we will set lower base goals when compared to niches that have stronger opportunities.
  4. At the end of the 90-day period, you will promptly receive an email stating whether or not the base goal was met. Goals are measured either in percentages or in fixed numbers and always on a quarter-by-quarter basis. For example, if your website has a 10% average quarterly growth rate in clicks when you start working with Koala Rank and we set a base goal of improving that to 14%, you’ll receive an email with a report on the numbers.
  5. If the base quarterly growth goal wasn’t met, you are eligible to claim the guarantee. Please note that this has to be done manually and within 31 days of receipt of the email stating that the base goal wasn’t met. In the email, we reserve the right to offer an alternative to the guarantee in the form of an incentive, a discount on a premium plan, or a special offer personalized to your needs. You have the right to refuse this offer.
  6. You can only claim the guarantee in the 31-day time period after receipt of the official email. A link will be added to the email allowing you to claim your free month. If you’re on vacation, or if you believe you won’t be available in the time frame when we’ll share the results, please communicate this by writing an email at [email protected]. We will do our best to make sure the timing is right. Once the official email is sent, the 31-day period will immediately be valid. We don’t assume responsibility in case of negligence.
  7. You can only claim your guarantee twice (two times) every 365 days starting from the first time we publish a piece of content for you and renewing on that same day the next year. For example, if we publish the first piece of content for you on January 2, you can only claim the guarantee twice until next January 2. It’s important to note that the number of times you can claim your guarantee is not cumulable year after year.

The above-mentioned terms are a complete representation of our guarantee. Any other term that isn’t included in the terms shown above isn’t considered part of the guarantee.

Claiming the guarantee

In case we missed the mark on your base goals, claiming your guarantee is simple. As mentioned in the terms and conditions section, you’ll receive an email each quarter stating whether your base goals were reached or not, and how we measured that in detail.

If we didn’t, you’ll receive all information related to claiming your one-month free service voucher in that same email. As stated in the terms above, you’ll have exactly 31 days from the time of receipt in order to claim your guarantee. If you don’t claim your guarantee during that time frame, you won’t be able to claim it for that quarterly cycle, and one of the two slots will expire.

We will do our best to communicate progress on the goals promptly and effectively. If you have specific questions regarding the guarantee, how it works, and why it can benefit your business over time, feel free to send an email to [email protected] or contact us directly.

We’re glad to offer this incentive as a way to fully commit while offering you clear results. Producing value for your audience and helping your grow consistently is what Koala Rank is all about. We’re looking forward to expanding this program in the near future.