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All content plans come with...

1. Initial setup

Get your strategic assets the same business da

2. Content ideas

Get 3 new ideas every week and choose which to produce

3. Designated creators

Your content is done by creators in your industry

4. Quality assurance

We proofread and fact-check your content after writing

5. Publishing

We publish pieces on your website upon approval

6. Client portal

Manage requests, source files, teams, invoices, and more

7. Account manager

A dedicated account manager will have your back

8. Weekly reporting

Don't miss a beat with our ROI focused weekly reports

"We were blown away by the amount of research, knowledge,
and content ideas that the team at Koala Rank came back with."
robert runyon head of growth sunken stone
Robert Runyon
Chief Growth Officer, Sunken Stone

Yes. All mandatory strategy assets such as ideal customer profile and positioning statement are included in the first week of service. These lay the foundations for long-term performance. If you have doubts, we can schedule a 30-min consultation to discuss the details.

The content is outlined internally from our strategists and then sent out to writers who specialize in your industry or niche. This is with no exception. We don’t delegate content to non-native speakers nor do we cheap out on writing.

Yes. Producing great content requires us to work with amazing creators so we need to pay them based on the effort they put in. The Basic plan has a limit of 1000 words per piece, the Standard 1500 words per piece, and the Premium 2000 words per piece.

Once the first consultation session is scheduled, it’ll take us around 2-3 business days to get your content strategy ready. The strategy is then reviewed with you through a video recording sent out via email. After the strategy is completed, you can expect the first content ideas to be ready in just 1 business day, allowing you to immediately request your first piece of content for production.

With each plans (Basic, Standard, and Premium), you get varying creative output. You can expect 3 content pieces per month with the Basic plan, 4 with the Standard plan, and 5 with the Premium plan. These are not on a weekly basis, they are total pieces per month.

We generate leads based on the inbound methodology. We analyze your business model, then strategize, create, publish, and distribute content that fits your ideal customer, including lead magnets, and nurture leads coming through the funnel to achieve your business goals.

That’s perfectly fine. If you don’t want to pay for additional leads, you will lose the additional ones coming in even if they sign up for your lead magnets. Your account will be capped at the amount of monthly leads you decide to pay for. Unused leads will not roll over.

No. A long-term content strategy requires a thorough research and planning process with multiple blog posts and other site content connected to each other. We’re not a content “creation” agency—we go much farther than just creating as we deliver leads right to your doorstep.

No, you will refer to your account manager for all things editing, revisions, and more. Our process is built to give you all the information you need before a piece is sent out for production. After the first draft is reviewed by your manager, you can discuss changes with them.

Not yet. We may want to include these in the future for a complete content marketing service but, for now, we’re limited in the types of content we can produce due to how many resources are needed to create something like a YouTube video or podcast episode.

Yes. You get to decide who gets to put the name on the content we produce. If you’re the founder of the company and you need a stronger online presence, we’ll get your name, your profile picture, and your bio directly on each post.

No. Our process works best for businesses that sell to other businesses. Consumers have completely different expectations and content must be strategized with their needs in mind. We don’t have that kind of expertise to offer so we don’t work on consumer strategies.

Yes. We are more than happy to sign an NDA if you need peace of mind. Of course, we love sharing stories about customer success, but we won’t do it unless we specifically receive permission. We perfectly understand that content should be kept under your own name.

It depends. If you don’t have a website live yet, we recommend that you spend some time launching and generating some reputation in the form of Domain Authority (DA). We cannot work with startups that don’t have a domain age of at least 6 months and a DA of at least 10.

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