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Scaling needs a plan

Get visitors to take the next step with a content strategy designed to scale your B2B firm

creating content ideas from google autocomplete keywords

Applying best practices from industry leaders

Pointed at your ideal customer

Always ready to buy, there’s a group of people out there who want to do business with you. So how do you get to them? By keeping track of their needs in a sleek, data-driven profile.

official koala rank buyer persona
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Driving real business value

Not all content delivers the same ROI. We gather search data and prioritize production based on a scale that drives real business for your B2B firm. Available in a sleek editorial calendar view.

Made to rank high on Google

Wonder how you can consistently reach the top of Google with your content? Wonder no more. All of the keywords we strategize are made to rank #1 on queries with high search volume.

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"They've immediately understood our audience which
allowed us to generate hundreds of leads from their content."
portrait picture of brevity cofounder bilal
Bilal Mafawalla
Co-founder, Brevity


Our best pre-made templates, ready to use in your operations

free ideal customer profile template from koala rank

Ideal Customer Profile

Download this free template to get your ideal customer profile playbook going together with our buyer persona template for a...

free marketing strategy template from koala rank

Marketing Strategy

If you're just starting out with your business and want to map out your marketing strategy, this template is the...

free content outline template

Content Outline

With this 100% free outline template, you can get started writing online content in a fraction of the time you...

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Scale without limits

Get your content strategy in less than a week and build an audience for your B2B firm

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