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koala rank airtable integration

Client Area Now Brings Ideas & Outlines Together [Airtable]

Koala Rank is investing heavily in turning the content marketing process into a unified experience: from strategy to creation to distribution.

The latest update to this ultimate goal is Airtable integration directly within the client area, allowing you to:

  1. Receive weekly content ideas automatically within your dashboard
  2. Browse and select PDF outlines created by our team
  3. Easily submit outlines for production

Customers can now manage their entire content strategy from one hub, no additional tools or third-party credentials required.

Check out an early example of what the new dashboard looks like:

airtable integration for koala rank client area

Please note the following:

» For new customers, the table may take up to a week to appear.

» Content ideas cannot yet be approved on the client end.

» The outline submission process is currently in beta.

For existing customers, this is where you’ll want to manage your entire relationship with Koala Rank, communication included.

You can use the chatbot to get in contact with the support team and receive an answer as quickly as possible. Any feedback is welcome!

Originally published Jan 18 2021

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