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How LoopCV Helps Job Seekers Automate Their Search [B2C]

Although Koala Rank doesn’t operate primarily in the B2C space, LoopCV came in as an innovative solution with a big challenge:

How do you scale traffic and lead generation in a hyper competitive landscape like professional job search?

This is a vertical tackled by giants like LinkedIn, Indeed, and other search engines focusing on networking for professionals to meet industry demands.

The answer?

Restructuring their content strategy.

LoopCV went from using an automated strategy with generated content scraped from the internet, to a long-tail keyword manual focus.

Their tool allows job seekers to automate their job search through resume and cover letter personalization similar to an email marketing tool.

This is useful for junior employees looking to increase their opportunity of landing an entry-level job, but also seniors who want to be more targeted.

Originally published Feb 16, 2021

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