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temporary service line from koala rank

Temporary Service Line from Koala Rank (Updated 14 Sep 2020)

UPDATE: Both the LinkedIn Content and the Lead Magnet services were offered on a temporary basis and are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

After a successful launch in January 2020, Koala Rank is expanding its service line to include more options and a more thorough service, with more value built straight into our plans.

You can now choose between:

  1. Content strategy + marketing (plan): both are included in our “RANK & GROW” plan to set your B2B firm up for success. This is our baseline plan and it’s required to maximize the efficacy of our add-ons.
  2. LinkedIn content (add-on): with small B2B firms becoming more and more sophisticated, LinkedIn has become a hotspot of business value. Our add-on allows you to benefit from this booming platform.
  3. Lead magnets (add-on): lead magnets are a traditional way to generate leads on your website by offering PDF ebooks and templates in exchange for user data. This greatly accelerates your lead generation efforts.

This is just the start of a long-term service development roadmap with tons of new features. Stay tuned for more content on how to effectively manage your content strategy and benefit from third-party platforms.

Originally published June 23, 2020 – Updated September 14, 2020

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