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Check Out Koala Rank’s Complete Founding Story at Starter Story

Koala Rank was launched Jan 1 2020 and since then we’ve had the opportunity to help dozens of small B2B firms improve their content game.

Since the very beginning, our vision has been:

To empower small B2B firms by making them known to increasingly global audiences.

That vision still applies today, and we’re finally working our way towards opening to markets other than the English-speaking market.

As the founder of Koala Rank, and as a former translation professional, the inspiration behind Koala Rank was always to take it a step forward.

That means that, soon, we’ll be introducing Italian as part of our content plans, and we’ll start helping Italian customers who want to internationalize their marketing efforts with our already strong English offering.

Thanks to the folks over at Starter Story, I had the opportunity to share the story that made Koala Rank a huge success in my professional life.

From day 1, it was my goal to provide as much value as possible without the astronomical prices that content marketing agencies often ask for.

In the case study, you will find plenty of original imagery guiding you through key insights of why I created Koala Rank in the first place, the performance data thus far, and what’s next for the business + hiring opportunities.

Originally published Apr 23 2021

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