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Why create content for recruitment and HR departments?

The best recruitment agency efforts are entirely process-based: strategize an applicant persona, set hiring goals, create job listings, sift through resume data, whitelist a few candidates, and so on. All of this strategizing takes  effort so you’re spending most of your time in the weeds and never looking at the bigger picture for business development. This is normal and can be fixed with a thorough content strategy: a strategic approach to creating content that resonates with your target buyer and allows for a long-term, profitable relationship. The thing is, not all companies have the same organizational structure. You likely want to work with companies that are either established and constantly hiring or are growing rapidly. That’s where your content marketing efforts will shine the most. Thanks to precisely targeted content that answers your prospects’ most burning questions about recruitment, you’re already one step ahead everyone else in your industry. We at Koala Rank are positioned to help you grow your content efforts in a way that’s relevant to your recruitment business, without the hassle of having to think about the strategy bits.

Some of the benefits for recruitment firms:

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