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What Is an Account Manager & How Can They Help You?

An account manager is the person appointed to your campaign for your entire stay within the Koala Rank family of marketing services.

You can think of an account manager as the person that knows most about your situation and can handle your requests and tickets faster.

A few things to mention here:

  • Having an account manager doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to others using the chat bot, although the ticketing system is smart enough to redirect you to them since they’re the most likely to know about your account.
  • Your account manager is NOT the person who creates your content. They are the ones who edit it and bring it to fruition on your website. You cannot interact with writers directly in the app as it would lead to confusion.
  • Each request you make in the client area will automatically be assigned to your account manager. For whatever reason you may wish to swap account managers, let us know and we’ll discuss the issue at hand internally.

Within Koala Rank, an account manager will have multiple tasks in regards to your campaign, but the most important one is to help you achieve success.

If you have any feedback on an account manager and would like to leave a review regarding a manager’s performance, you can do so on Trustpilot.

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