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Who’s Writing Your Content Behind The Scenes?

Depending on the type of content you want to create (blog post, lead magnet, newsletter, etc.), you’ll have different people who will tackle it.

One thing to note is that there’s no “one person” that will do your piece from zero to publishing all by themselves. Koala Rank is a collaborative environment where managers and writers work in tandem.

The flow will usually go like this:

  1. The account manager creates a few content ideas for you each week and delivers them to your editorial calendar automatically
  2. You get notified to approve some or reject them depending on whether you like the topics or would rather keep them “on hold” for the moment
  3. The account manager will produce new content outlines for the ideas you approved and you’ll be notified about them as soon as they are available
  4. You choose the outlines you’d like to produce first depending on how long they will take to produce and the expected results
  5. The account manager will then send your outline directly to a handpicked freelance writer chosen specifically to tackle your niche
  6. The writer will return the draft to the manager which will fact-check it and, in case good to go, edit and proofread it for final delivery
  7. You receive your piece of content in its final form and decide whether you’d like to keep it as is or would rather change something before publishing

In case your piece of content is something like a lead magnet where not a lot of writing is required but rather GDocs, GSheets, or GSlides skills, then it’s likely that the entire production will be tackled internally.

Please note that each piece of content will require different approaches so the flow may slightly change depending on the creative requirements.

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