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Creating an EmailOctopus Account from Scratch [Tutorial]

EmailOctopus is one of the best email service providers for small businesses. They have one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry and their plans are free for anyone to use for up to 2500 contacts.

That’s a great start for any online business.

Here’s how to create an account with them:

  1. Go to their sign up page.
  2. Enter your business email and set a password. Make sure to use an email address with your name in it and the domain of your website.
  3. Store your password somewhere safe.
  4. Check your business inbox and click on their confirmation link.
  5. On the page that pops up, choose the starter plan (free).
  6. Enter your business information: company name, website URL, and industry. In the referral box, enter Koala Rank. Make sure the information is accurate as EmailOctopus will manually review it to verify you.
  7. Enter your business address. Again, make sure the info is accurate. This is important for privacy laws such as GDPR (EU) and COPPA (California).
  8. And you’re done.

That’s a quick and easy way to get your account started.

Sharing Your EmailOctopus Account

If you’re working with us at Koala Rank or other collaborators, you might want to share access with your peers. Unfortunately, EmailOctopus doesn’t currently provide an official way to do this, so the only way to work in collaboration with other people is to share your login credentials.

If you use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass (we highly recommend that you do), simply follow their guidelines:

  1. 1Password Sharing
  2. LastPass Sharing

If you don’t use any of these tools and would like to share the password manually, you can create a temporary note on Google Docs or any other file-sharing service and pass the link to your peers.

As soon as they’ve stored the credentials in a safe location, delete the document and don’t keep any record of it. It’s important to safeguard your passwords and take note of them safely!

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