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How To Create a Production Request with Your Content Outlines

Koala Rank offers you a continuous cycle of content, from strategy to creation to distribution. That means we create content as well.

A piece of content is known as a “request” in the client area. Think of this as a mini-project that has a set deadline and its own unique space to live in.

Getting started with your first request is easy:

  1. Log in to your client area with the credentials sent via email.
  2. As soon as you login, you’ll see your “Dashboard” view. That’s where you’ll find a table with all your content ideas as well as content outlines. These will be added automatically every week and you’ll be notified of new ones.
  3. In the “Ideas” tab, your outline is displayed right next to your content idea. This document allows the Koala Rank team to produce a draft in a fast and relevant way, making the process both valuable and efficient.
  4. Browse the outlines at your disposal, choose the one you like most based on ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), content format, or topic, and download it for your own reference. You can do so directly from the table.
  5. Once you’re ready to submit your outline for production, click “Create request” at the top-right corner of your client area, enter the draft title of your content idea, add any comments if you need to, and upload the outline you just downloaded from the table. This is then sent directly to a writer for production, and you’ll be able to track its status in the request.
  6. That’s it, you’ve created your first request!

The request methodology is a new concept we’re developing over at Koala Rank. If you have any feedback, please let us know via the chatbot.

Once your outline is submitted, we’ll take care of the rest. You can expect to receive a completed piece of content by the set deadline, publishing included.

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