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What Do You Mean By “Unlimited” Requests?

When you purchase a plan with Koala Rank, we don’t set any limits as to how many pieces of content you can request in total.

The only limitation is how many requests you can run at the same time. There are multiple reasons why we approach content creation this way:

  1. While traditional content agencies measure their prices in word counts, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll achieve any of the promised results. In fact, setting fixed word counts stifles both creativity and performance, leaving writers with a sense of “having” to write rather than “wanting” to write.
  2. In the past, each deal we’d close would involve creating dozens of content pieces across multiple months for a much higher price, paid upfront. The problem with this is that it promotes a “do your thing” type of relationship between client and us, meaning that we’d sometimes have a hard time getting the information necessary to produce high-quality content as the detachment would result in long reply times and production stalls.
  3. Finally, both consistency and testing are crucial to a good content strategy. These cannot be achieved by purchasing blocks of content upfront, or one-by-one. We found that committing to a continuous stream of content (hence why “unlimited”) is the best way to achieve results in content marketing.

These are the main 3 reasons why you’d see us offer “unlimited” content creation, and we stand by that claim. The more creative output you purchase, the more your content engine will flow depending on your monthly budget.

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