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The most talked about practice in both SEO and content marketing is, without a doubt, keyword research. It’s the beating heart of content!

Yet not everyone goes much in detail about how to do keyword research the right way, and what the process feels like in practice…

In today’s podcast episode, we:

  1. Talk about the foundations of keyword research, starting all the way down from your topic clusters and going up to Google Autocomplete research.
  2. Understand the HOW of doing keyword research that is immediately relevant for your business and can lead to fast lead generation.
  3. Look into a few examples to understand what you could use keyword research for and what the ultimate goal even is…
  4. Find out all the tricks that make the process of researching keywords a much more valuable activity, including using Google Trends.

If you’re a data-geek and love to get into the nitty-gritty of marketing metrics such as search volume and keyword difficulty, this is the episode for you.

Originally published Nov 25 2020

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