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Taking a short departure from our usual topics, episode 5 of Scale Your B2B Firm with Content Marketing focuses on Domain Authority as a metric.

Does it matter all that much to rank high?

And if so, how do you leverage it?

I personally believe that many SEOs in the space take Domain Authority too seriously. It is absolutely a powerful metric, but one of many to leverage.

Plus, every professional SEO tool calls it differently:

  1. Moz and SEMRush call it Domain Authority
  2. Ahrefs has named it Domain Rating
  3. Ubersuggest calls it Domain Score

So, which one is it?

The truth is, these are proprietary metrics invented by each individual firm. They aren’t part of Google’s algorithms per se but they try to figure it out.

So, let’s dive deep into DA and see whether it truly matters!

Originally published 02 Dec 2020

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