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Appeal to your prospects

Be laser-focused with messaging that’s positioned against your ideal buyer

Understand where you stand

Your product or service is only as relevant as the market category in which your ideal buyer slots you and is interested to invest in

category slide for brand positioning
business benefit slide for brand positioning

Focus on what prospects want

Figure out which benefits are most relevant to your ideal buyer and hone in to craft key messages that reiterate the value of those benefits

Implement the right messages

Create a sense of true understanding by crafting messages that resonate with your ideal buyer’s wants and solving their problems quickly

messaging pillar slide for brand positioning
the content style guide or writing guidelines connected to your brand positioning

Go to market with confidence

Craft writing guidelines that lay their foundations in your brand positioning and speak to the true nature of your prospects’ business problem

Become hyper-relevant

Don’t stray away from your prospects’ goals with brand positioning that resonates

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