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thumbnail of splunk install on linux blog post

How To Install Splunk on Your Linux Distribution

Tackling newcomers in the Splunk world, our client needed to attract attention to the installation process for Linux distributions.

We’ve created a series of blog posts both on Linux in general and specific distributions to help with this goal and generate traffic.

ahrefs view of traffic acquired from splunk installation posts
There were multiple blog posts created on the subject.

Bringing in traffics in the hundreds, the blog posts significantly increased our clients online visibility and trust on the subject of Splunk.

install splunk on linux serp result
Ranking at spots #1-3 on Google, the pillar blog post connects the dots between the other posts.
install splunk on centos serp result
The second post goes more in-depth on CentOS specifically, ranking #1 on Google.
install splunk on ubuntu serp result
The third post tackles Ubuntu, also ranking #1 on Google.

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