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Get closer to a deal

Grow an audience of pre-qualified leads with automated email marketing

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Grow an audience from scratch

Grow your email list with well-placed forms that are relevant to your prospects and directly connected to your marketing campaign

steady email list growth
mailerlite email marketing workflows

Automate your outreach

Build business relationships on a one-to-one basis with automated workflows that are specific and relevant to your newly-acquired leads

Segment your email list

Create multiple segments of your email list to craft personalized messages that are highly likely to trigger replies from prospects

email marketing open and click rates
email marketing lead generation example

Book meetings with prospects

Close the marketing cycle by getting in touch with prospects who reply and book meetings with them for your sales team to leverage

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Hey, I'm Koala Rank.
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Numbers don't lie

Generate hundreds of pre-qualified leads every month for your sales team to scoop up

  45 Minutes      100% Free

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