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Why create content for a marketing agency?

As the owner of a small marketing agency, it’s easy to get lost in client projects without paying much attention to your own marketing. It’s a paradox but it’s true. Marketing campaigns require a lot of attention to detail, draining a lot of resources that could be used on content for your own website. So what is the missing link? A thorough content strategy. After all, creating content is only the tip of the iceberg… What lies behind the scenes is much more valuable. With content strategies purposefully made to drive highly-qualified traffic that converts into customers, Koala Rank helps your marketing agency go from close to no traffic and inbound leads to dozens of leads per month. Better yet, these aren’t your typical leads—those that drag their feet all the way through the sales process trying to drive your prices and creativity down (and driving you insane too!). Instead, these are the leads that are: 1) already interested in what you have to offer; 2) self-educated, and; 3) ready to start. All you need to do at that point is give them a reason to book a meeting, and that’s what we deliver. Fully-managed, from strategy to creation to meeting.

Some of the benefits for marketing agencies:

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