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Why create content for a software company?

As a software company with an online presence, your biggest asset for business development is data: website traffic, trial-to-conversion rates, recurring revenue, and more. Whether you run a subscription- or license-based model, content marketing can help you generate data that is relevant to your business. With so much to think about on the product side of things, it’s often hard to focus on marketing in a software company. That’s where Koala Rank comes in… We first take you through a strategy session, analyze your business model and existing product features, and turn them into a lead generation machine. With content that speaks directly to an audience of ideal customers, all of your metrics will improve: from simple website traffic to time on page all the way down to Lifetime Customer Value (LCV). Thanks to content strategies precisely crafted for your needs as a software company, Koala Rank can take your 100+ inbound leads per month to 1K+ in just a few months. All pre-qualified to purchase your software.

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