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thumbnail of ndis invoice template blog post

Here Is Your Definitive NDIS Invoice Template [With Examples]

The client approached us with the need to create pieces that could help with generating leads while improving thought leadership.

We saw clear opportunities to create content upgrades for this niche (small downloadable content pieces in exchange for user data).

content upgrade box to download ndis invoice templates
These simple boxes are very effective at generating targeted leads.

As part of the thought leadership effort, the client also needed to build an email audience by offering a monthly newsletter.

We implemented a strong offering both on the mobile and the desktop versions, with pop-ups and inline forms.

newsletter subscription pop-up box for ndis content
Using pop-up forms after 30 seconds a user lands on your site is very effective.

To date, this and other blog posts in this series are all ranking at spot #1 on Google, with the FAQ schema section fully implemented.

the serp result for ndis invoice template blog post
The blog post ranks at spot #1 on Google Australia for many related keywords.

On top of this, the post was further optimized to reach spot #1 on Google Images since they would appear before text.

results on google images for ndis invoice template
An image (ranking #1) was added with branding from our client.

In terms of organic search traffic from Google, the blog post is bringing in hundreds of targeted people on a monthly basis.

google search data from ndis invoice template blog post
Click and impression data from Google Search Console.

But most importantly, the blog post is driving our client’s lead generation efforts thanks to the strategically placed content upgrade.

leads generated through the ndis invoice template form
217 leads were generated so far with the content upgrade.
submission rate data from ndis invoice template form
Almost 22% of visitors submit the form to receive the invoice template.

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