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Disability care. It’s an industry that suffers from legislative burden all around the world, and Australia is no different. With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in 2013, the entire system changed and private companies were left scrambling to figure it all out.

That’s where Brevity comes in.

As a niche CRM software solution, Brevity provides the perfect capabilities to solve some of the biggest problems in the Australian care market, and they do so at a very competitive cost. With a strong offering that enabled them to find product/market fit rather quickly, the people at Brevity were now left with a burning question….

“How do we scale our business?”

Having already worked on their SEO and with a steady stream of leads coming their way through both organic and paid Google search, Brevity had enough momentum to start investing in more organic content that could help prospects define their pains and learn from Brevity’s expertise.

A representative from Brevity contacted us to improve their thought leadership efforts as well as to increase targeted traffic to their website. After just 3 months of work, Brevity is already reaping the benefits.

  1. Five new blog posts, all ranking between spots 1 to 5 on Google. Most of them feature schema FAQs for an additional boost on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  2. A 140% increase in organic impressions and an 82% increase in organic clicks compared to the period prior to the new blog posts being released (organic traffic was mostly brand queries and flatlining).
  3. More than 270 marketing-qualified leads were generated thanks to well-positioned content upgrades (small downloadable pieces of content such as templates or PDF files).
  4. Around 70 people opted in for the monthly newsletter instead, 40 of which also downloaded the content upgrades (more leads than subscribers shows high action intent).
  5. Finally, about 20 people can be linked to requesting demos of the product by entering the website through the newly produced blog posts. By this point, the funnel is fully implemented.

But all of these results didn’t come without a lot of work behind the scenes, including a blog UX overhaul. In the images below, you can see the before/after of how the blog looked compared to now. This helped increase engagement with the audience and further cemented the content strategy.

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