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Ubidots: Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics Platform

With tens of thousands users already signed up to their main IoT offering and strong growth with their STEM solution, Ubidots was facing real challenges with scaling their content efforts, especially when it came down to quality. Being headquartered in Colombia, the company struggled to find writers that could produce great content and deliver marketing results.

Ubidots first got in contact with us towards the end of 2019 to discuss a collaboration that would help them grow their audience through their blog and distribute content on multiple channels. This was a big challenge that they were facing as the team had been creating blog posts for a long time but didn’t see any ROI.

We first started working on a content audit that could help us figure out which types of content were most relevant to their business model and then proceeded to create an editorial calendar based on that. The first three months of work were dedicated to improving the quality of the writing as well as establishing clear guidelines.

After about three months of prep work, we kicked off our content marketing process:

  1. A total of 8 blog posts were released so far, all ranking on the top page of Google in spots 1 to 3 for various keywords in the Internet of Things niche.
  2. The quality and variety of content improved across all blog posts released after the content audit, with avg. time on page increasing by 25% and 5 out of 8 blog posts sitting in the top 10 traffic-wise (200+ posts).
  3. One of the blog posts we created for them exploded in popularity and consistently brings in around 3000 targeted people per month after a relevant influencer picked it up and shared it on Twitter.
  4. Well-placed pop-up and inline forms allowed to grow their newsletter audience from 0 to 510+ in less than three months, with a consistent weekly growth of around 40 people.
  5. Email campaigns sent to the email audience after they subscribe show good engagement, with open rates hovering around the 35% mark and click rates around the 7% mark.

To achieve these results, the blog posts were turned into interactive experiences with images, quotes, videos, tables, and other data pieces that users could reference and come back to in case they needed.

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